The National Bible Bowl Board met on January 24-25 in Orlando, FL. We wanted to share with the community the following items from that meeting.

  1. New Code of Coduct: All those who are in leadership roles with National Bible Bowl (including but not limited to:  Director, Board Members, Quizmasters, Question Writers, Tournament Volunteers, etc.) and all attendees (team members, sponsors, parents, audience members, etc.) are expected to respect Biblical values, and adhere to the highest levels of Christian conduct while at the tournament.
  2. The Questions and Tournament Resource policy was revisited and is included in this release. Please note, tournament directors, that you must apply for your tournament in 2019-2020 by April 1 of 2019. Policy
  3. A Discussion was held concerning the cost of Nationals for the Bible Bowl community. While we recognize that the expense is challenging, the research shows that we are on the lower end cost of other national Bible quiz groups and camps/CIY. We are committed to keep costs as low as possible and are vigilant in checking and comparing our program to others. We will always try to provide the most for your money.
  4. Bible Bowl’s mission statement has been updated to the following: “Bible Bowl exists to immerse students in God’s Word to develop life-long followers of Jesus.”