Updated February 11, 2020

General Announcements:

  • New Rule Book: The 2019 edition of the Bible Bowl Official Guide: Rules and Procedures has been released. Click here to purchase or Click here to download. There is also a summary of changes.
  • The following verses are split by a section heading in CSB Bibles: A 5:21, A 9:20. We have adjusted the start of each section so as not to split a verse. All questions are based on our official Study Text and Study Guide, not any other version of the CSB whether published or online.
  • The following verses are omitted from modern translations, including the CSB: A 8:37, A 15:34. They are not in your Study Text. (this is not a mistake).
  • We are only covering Acts chapters 1-20. The last 8 chapters are not in your Study Text. This is not a mistake.

List Corrections:

  • NONE

Memory Verse Corrections:

  • Acts 13:38 prompt should read: “what Paul said about Jesus in Antioch of Pisidia”

Study Question Corrections:

  • NONE

The following words and phrases will be interchangeable:**

  • God/Lord (when referring to God)
  • Jesus/Christ/Lord/Messiah (when referring to Jesus) and all combinations of these words
  • Holy Spirit/Spirit (when referring to the Holy Spirit)
  • Saul/Paul (when referring to the apostle Paul)
  • Peter/Simon/Simeon (when referring to Peter)
  • Tabitha/Dorcas
  • John Mark/Mark/John (when referring to John Mark)
  • Pontius Pilate/Pilate
  • Herod/King Herod
  • Bar-Jesus/Elymas

**Please note that the interchangeable words can be used as long as the resulting answer still correctly answers all clues of the question. So if the question asks for a word that contains a “P”, then “Saul” would not be acceptable for “Paul”.