This year’s MGE was a spectacular success! First, it could not have been done without the yearlong effort of Bruce Jones and Jenny Hill, as well as some anonymous donors who make the entire thing possible! If ever you have a chance to tell them thank you, please do!

This year we had 40 teams at MGE, and more on a waitlist! Every hallway was packed with children and adults there to celebrate a year of studying God’s Word. The mealtimes were a great time to break bread with one another, and I must say, the Go Kart racing at Renaissance Fun Park was exhilarating!

At the event, we also made some big announcements that we want to share with the entire Beginner Bible Bowl world.

First, many of you have been asking that we add another Main Game to the roster, and because we have had a waitlist for a couple of years we are planning on adding one next year. Most of the details are still pending, but we are aiming for it to be in the Midwest on the second weekend of March. We’ll update again in a few months with where we stand on this.

Second, as many of you saw, Bible Bowl has updated its mission statement to this: Bible Bowl exists to immerse students in God’s Word to develop life-long followers of Jesus. In addition, as many of you know, one of the things I do on a year-to-year basis is visit other Bible quizzing groups to see what we can learn. The first time I visited a group, Bible Quiz Fellowship, I noticed that they seemed to have a greater percentage of their students actively participating than we did, but I didn’t think too much of it. Then the next year I went and visited the Assemblies of God group and noticed the same thing. Then I visited the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and again, they had a greater participation rate then we did, and I realized there was something different they were all doing that we were not.

What all the groups had in common is that they have what’s called a buzz-out. Each player on a team is limited on the number of correct toss-ups they can answer in a game. And what’s even crazier, when a player gets to that limit they’re excited! They achieved the goal! Next year we are introducing this buzz-out in Beginner Bible Bowl. The first year the number is 7 correct buzzes per game. We are starting out with a high number because we want to slowly introduce this into the system with the intention of going down to 5.

If anyone has any questions about how this will be implemented, I’d love to talk with you on the phone. Our number is (321) 972-5390.
God is doing something amazing in our elementary school students, friends, and I’m so glad I get to share it with you.

I can’t wait to see you next year as we study the book of ACTS! Resources on sale now!

Josiah Gorman