After much prayerful consideration and discussion, the Board of National Bible Bowl is pleased to announce that we have asked Keith Smith to move into the position of Director of National Bible Bowl. There are many factors that went into this decision.
First, Keith has been with the Bible Bowl program for over forty years. He has been involved in every facet of this ministry and has worked with four different directors. We feel that his experience and dedication to the ministry make him an outstanding choice.
Second, the board remains dedicated to the mission and purpose of Bible Bowl, and we believe that the reimagined game launched a few years ago is moving the ministry in a very positive direction. Both Josiah and Keith were instrumental in facilitating that change, which has inspired growth in both Teen and Beginner Bible Bowl. Keith’s leadership will provide both consistency and vision on this critical mission.
Third, the board took a serious, long look at where the ministry is now and how it might best move forward. Keith will be coming on as the part-time Director, while continuing his work with Bible Quiz Shop. The arrangements the board has made will provide significant savings to National Bible Bowl over the next few years.
While we are saddened to see Josiah leave, we are excited about what Keith is bringing to the Bible Bowl community. We welcome him and encourage you to do the same.