The Board of National Bible Bowl wants to thank Josiah Gorman for more than a decade of excellent work to the ministry of Bible Bowl. It is with great sadness that we have accepted his resignation.  We ask the entire community to join us in praying for him and Danielle as they embark on a new journey.  We will be planning a celebration for Josiah’s work and will announce details about it later.

We are blessed that Josiah has given us a long lead time prior to his final day, which will be after the Summer National Tournament. We are prayerfully evaluating the needs of the ministry and making plans for after Josiah’s departure. While we are not taking resumes to fill a position at this time, we welcome your thoughts. We also covet your prayers for wisdom and direction for this ministry we all love.  Again, we thank Josiah and look forward to the next chapter for him and for National Bible Bowl.