“First Corinthians” Announcements

Updated 1/20/23


In addition to what is found in the Interchangeability section of the Rule Book, for First Corinthians, the following are interchangeable:

  • Spirit/Holy Spirit/God’s Spirit/Spirit of God are interchangeable when Spirit is referring to the Holy Spirit. For our purposes, when Spirit is capitalized, we will take that to mean it is referring to the Holy Spirit.


The Score-Pro app has merged with the Bible Quizzer app and will no longer be available as a stand-alone app. The old Score-Pro app will no longer be used for live stats at Nationals. To get the new Score-Pro, follow these instructions:

  • From either the Android or Apple app store, install the free Bible Quizzer app.
  • Inside Bible Quizzer, tap the Purchase button, then find the free Score-Pro app for Bible Bowl. Note: Please make sure you get Score-Pro for Bible Bowl and not for another quizzing group.


The following Quote Bee rules have been modified to be: Those contestants who are correct in the round will advance into the next round. Those who are incorrect will be eliminated. If none of the contestants quotes a verse correctly, all contestants will be eliminated and the tie-breaker will be used.

The following should replace rule (this announcement was made last Fall) For all answers, including questions requiring specific answers, only the following may be given when answering:

  • the required answer
  • the required answer’s direct modifier(s)
  • insignificant words
  • information contained in the question even if not given exactly as found in the question

Example 1: Question: What could Jesus call more than twelve legions of? Expected answer: Angels; Player responds: “twelve legions of angels” should be correct.

Example 2: Question: “Where did Jesus go after he rose from the dead?” Expected answer: Galilee; Player responds: “he went to Galilee” should be correct even though the exact words “he went” are not in the question and