October 8, 2018: Study Question Correction added

Study Question Corrections:

  • 1Sa 16:18 should read: One of the young men answered, “I have seen a son of Jesse of Bethlehem who knows how to DO WHAT?

General Announcements:

  • New Rule Book: The 2018 edition of the Bible Bowl Official Guide: Rules and Procedures has been released. It has been completely reformatted for ease of use and is now offered in a printed version. Click here to purchase or Click here to download

Please note that the maximum players allowed on a team is now 5 (not 6).

  • The following verses are split by a section heading in CSB Bibles: 1Ki 19:9, 2Ki 2:12, and 2Ki 5:19. We have adjusted the start of each section so as not to split a verse. All questions are based on our official Study Text and Study Guide.

List Corrections:

  • None

The following words and phrases will be interchangeable:**

  • God/LORD (when referring God)
  • Jacob/Israel (when referring to Jacob)
  • Goliath/the Philistine
  • Nebuchadnezzar/the king (when referring to Nebuchadnezzar)
  • Daniel/Belteshazzar
  • Shadrach/Hananiah
  • Meshach/Mishael
  • Abednego/Azariah
  • Ahasuerus/the king (when referring to Ahasuerus)
  • Bigtha/Bigthan/Bigthana (alternate spellings of the same man’s name)

**Please note that the interchangeable words can be used as long as the resulting answer still correctly answers all clues of the question. So if the question asks for a word that contains a “Z”, then “the king” would not be acceptable for “Nebuchadnezzar”, and if the question asks for the other name for Daniel, then “Daniel” would not be acceptable for “Belteshazzar”.

Teen Bible Bowl announcements:

  • The two types of Memory Verses will now function as follows: Primary Memory Verses will be used in the Quote Bee and Memory Verse Bonuses, and Secondary Memory Verses will be used only in the Quote Bee. There are 90 Primary Memory Verses and 110 Secondary Memory Verses.

Beginner Bible Bowl announcements:

  • The Beginner Bible Bowl season has been shortened from 6 blocks to 4 blocks, running from October to March (skipping January). League questions will be provided for Blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, and a cumulative meet on Blocks 1-4.
  • Beginner Bible Bowl bonuses will range in value from 20 to 30 points. We will no longer use 35 or 40 point bonuses for Beginner Bible Bowl.
  • A 50 question Beginner Written Test will be provided for each league meet for those leagues which choose to utilize it. We recommend 20 minutes be allotted to take the test.