We have just returned from meeting with Milligan University to make preparations for the 56th annual National Bible Bowl tournament! Milligan is excited to welcome us to their campus, and we can’t wait to see you all again! WE HAVE 4 TEAM SLOTS REMAINING, but you must register by June 20. In addition, this year no unregistered visitors will be allowed due to the covid-19 situation. All spectators must also register by June 20.

Milligan has determined that we will be allowed to hold this event with the current state guidelines, assuming there are no changes to them. Your safety is our top priority; therefore, we are working with Milligan to ensure that Tennessee guidelines for summer camps are followed. Details of this can be found below.


  • Cloth face mask or plastic face shield for each attendee is REQUIRED
  • Hand sanitizer encouraged
  • Thermometer encouraged
  • Disinfectant wipes per team encouraged


  • Temperature check each person in your group. If anyone’s temperature exceeds 100.4, please do not come.
  • Question each person as to covid-19 symptoms. If anyone has covid-19 symptoms, please do not come.
  • If someone cannot come due to temperature or covid-19 symptoms, you will receive a full refund.


  • Each attendee will need to come to check-in and each person’s temperature will be checked. Anyone with a temperature exceeding 100.4 will be quarantined on campus until cleared by the campus nurse.


  • Temperatures will be checked for each attendee EACH MORNING prior to devotions. Devotions are mandatory. If anyone has a fever exceeding 100.4, they will be required to return to the dorms and move to a quarantine area in the dorm until cleared by the campus nurse.
  • Teams will be distanced from each other in the competition rooms, but not from your own team. Anyone from your church is considered part of your “cohort” and we are not required to distance members of the same cohort.
  • In order to social distance, the audience in each room will be limited. Each team will be able to select a certain number of spectators (not including players sitting at the table) to be in the room. This number will vary by the size of the room. Extra spectators must wait outside. If there are extra seats available after both teams have selected their spectators, then spectators not affiliated with either team may fill the remaining seats.
  • All assemblies and meals will have assigned seating by group, and groups will be distanced from each other. You will sit in your assigned seat all week for both assemblies and meals.
  • Tennessee has said that singing increases the chance of spreading the virus; therefore, we will not have singing during devotions this year.
  • Milligan will be disinfecting public restrooms overnight, and will be periodically disinfecting “common touch” surfaces such as doorknobs, etc.
  • No groups will be sharing a bathroom in the dorms with members of another group.
  • Face masks/shields must be worn when indoors (except in your dorm and at meals). This includes during competition. The Quizmaster will also be wearing a face mask/shield.
  • Handshaking and other physical contact before and after games is not allowed.
  • There will be disinfectant bottles and paper towels and/or wipes in each competition room. You are responsible for disinfecting the table, buzzers, etc. on your team’s side before each game. Spectators are responsible for disinfecting their own seat before the game. After the game, please wipe down the surfaces again.
  • This year, Milligan will not be allowing anyone who is not registered with National Bible Bowl to attend the event. Anyone arriving on campus who has not pre-registered will be asked to leave.
  • Meals will not be available for purchase in the cafeteria. Only those registered and with a name badge will be allowed in the cafeteria.
  • Meals will be pre-plated.
  • Once on campus, teams are encouraged to stay on campus for the duration of the event.