Dear Bible Bowl Family,

Thank you so much for the year of testing and feedback you have given us about the direction of Bible Bowl!

Your feedback regarding the new game has primarily concerned four things:

1)     The length of the games

2)     A lack of collaboration during the games

3)     No place for memory verses

4)     The buzz-out

Here is how we are going to address these issues moving forward:

1)        We are adding a category to bring the number of questions in a game up to 20. In turn, we will be raising the buzz-out limit. See point 4 for more details on this. The games will be played untimed.

2)        The number one piece of feedback we received is that you want bonuses back in the game, so we are bringing them back! However, the execution will look different than before. Whenever a category is completed, a bonus break will be triggered, and each team will get a 20 point bonus. The bonuses will be of like type for each team (i.e. if the left team gets a chapter id bonus, then the right team will get a chapter id bonus). Which team goes first for the bonus is randomly determined for the first bonus, and alternates thereafter. Each team is guaranteed to have 5 bonuses per game.

3)        Memory verse bonuses are back, and each team is guaranteed to get one per game.

4)        Feedback on the buzz-out took two forms: that it was a good idea, but the limit was too low, and that it was disliked and should be removed. Through prayer and deliberation, we believe the buzz-out is best for the mission of Bible Bowl. However, we have raised the buzz-out limit to 75, which is 10 points over what the limit would be if we had kept the same ratio as we had before we added the additional category.

These changes apply both to teen and beginner. For the 2 Timothy block for teens the additional team Jeopardy-style rounds we provide will be in this style for you to try out!

If you want to see why we are making these changes, please check out this announcement. In addition, there you can find why we are making the switch to a two-season format. We are extremely excited about this change, and if you have not already read about it, please do so!

Finally, we are excited to unveil next fall’s text: The Great Teacher! Teens will be studying Matthew 1-12, while Beginner will be studying selections from Matthew 2-9. Resources go on sale May 1st, so be looking for an announcement soon!