Last year at Nationals, Bible Bowl announced a new $50,000 matching fund backed by a generous anonymous donor. This means that each dollar you donate, up to $50,000, gets matched to support marketing initiatives to further Bible Bowl’s growth!

One of the reasons that growth has been difficult is because starting a Bible Bowl team is hard! We want to continue break down barriers to entry that are contributing to this problem. Some of these barriers include not knowing the time commitment involved, how to lead a practice, how to play the game, or what resources to buy.

We’re excited to announce the new Starter Kit which helps in all of these areas and makes starting a team easy! The development of the Starter Kit was made possible from the matching fund and will be available for purchase today and we expect to begin shipping next Friday on Aug 28th. Here’s what’s included:

For the Coach

  • Welcome Letter* – a letter from Josiah Gorman, Bible Bowl’s National Executive Director, explaining the contents of the kit.
  • Get Involved Flyer* – describes the level of involvement your group will have, whether you’re participating on a small group, league or national track.
  • Coach’s Guide* – walks you through everything you need to know to prepare your players for studying and playing.
  • Study Text – your official version of the Scripture text. All questions are based upon this version of the Scripture text.
  • Rapid Fire Guide – used in conjunction with the Coach’s Guide to teach players during practice.
  • Leader Workbook – used to help students better grasp the meaning of the text through a series of fact and thought questions on each block.
  • USB Drive – contains one round of practice questions (questions for gameplay) per lesson and per block to use for competing.

For each Player

  • Study Guide – includes the main resources your players use at practice and at home, both a Study Text and Study Questions (to help in learning the text).
  • Student Workbook – this book will give your players a better understanding of the verses being studied and will be a jumping off point for discussions about the text in your study group.

The matching fund is only available until July 15, 2016, so please consider contributing monthly if you aren’t already. We have bigger plans to grow Bible Bowl and we can’t do it without your help!

* Web versions of these are also immediately available via the Resources page.