Each week we will be awarding a $10 gift card to two students who have played Blitz! that week! One will go to the player who has a screenshot of the highest score for that week’s chapter, and one will go to a player chosen at random from among those who submitted a screenshot. Winners may choose from Amazon, Starbucks, McDonald’s, or Chic-Fil-A gift cards!

Play by yourself or play with up to 17 friends at a time at biblequizshop.net! If you don’t know how to play, we have a tutorial you can watch.

To enter, post a screenshot to Instagram and tag @nationalbiblebowl and include the hashtag #bbblitz. If you don’t use instagram, or don’t want to make your posts public, you may dm them to us, or email the screenshot to office@biblebowl.org.

You may make as many entries per week as you like, but each player may receive only one entry for the randomly drawn gift card. If you win we will dm you to find out what gift card you would like, and where we should send it.


Galatians 1: Post from September 25 – October 1, winners chosen and announced October 2

Galatians 2: Post from October 2 – October 8, winners chosen and announced October 9

Galatians 3: Post from October 9 – October 15, winners chosen and announced October 16

Galatians 4: Post from October 16 – October 22, winners chosen and announced October 23

Galatians 5: Post from October 23 – October 29, winners chosen and announced October 30

Galatians 6: Post from October 30 – November 5, winners chosen and announced November 6