Seeding at National Tournament

Seeding for the National Tournament is guided by a mathematical formula that evaluates team performances at summer college tournaments.  Each tournament is weighted based upon such factors as strength and date of the tournament.  The weighting is not determined until all tournaments are complete, and the weighting will not be made public.

The mathematical formula averages all of a team’s finishes in both round robin and double elimination from all tournaments attended. Teams are not expected to attend a set number of tournaments to be seeded, nor is special credit given to a team for attending multiple tournaments.

Due to unforeseen issues that may arise from time to time, changes to the seeding process may be made as they are warranted. While the process is guided by a mathematical formula, all seeding decisions are at the discretion of the seeding committee.  Every effort is made to ensure that the seeds for the National Tournament are as fair and unbiased as possible.