Promote Your Group!

Use the materials below to promote your program and provide information to those curious about Bible Bowl. Season-specific flyers are listed first and may be used to announce your first practice/information meeting (see note for editing below). Season-specific images for use on social media, slideshows, etc. are available as well. Further down, a tri-fold brochure with general information about Bible Bowl is available. Finally, the branding guidelines and the official logo are available at the bottom of this page.

Questions about how to modify promotional resources with your group’s information may be directed to

Note: To edit season-specific handouts, download the pdf file, then click the fields to the right of “Who,” “When,” “Where,” and “Contact” and fill in your program’s information. There is an empty field below “Contact” that may be used for any additional information you want to include. The formatting of the editable fields may vary depending on the version being used to view and edit the file; half-sheet flyers may copy information over to the fields on the opposite side, or it may have to be filled in on each side. If the information automatically copies over but the formatting doesn’t, try clicking on the fields or filling them in again. *The official grade ranges for Bible Bowl are grades 3-5 for beginner and grades 6-12 for teen; however, local programs may choose to be flexible. Please refer to the official rules about how playing out of the official ranges may affect a player’s eligibility, especially when competing nationally.

FALL 2023 Season "The Exodus" Flyers

Use these flyers to promote our Fall 2023 Bible Bowl season, “The Exodus,” to your group! There are flyers in half-sheet and full-sheet size for Beginner, Teen, and both combined. (The flyer combining both is pictured.)

This image has a variety of possible uses, such as personal and group social media promotions, as a slide in church announcements, etc. (Right click or tap to save.)

Tri-fold General Information Brochure

This tri-fold brochure has general information about Bible Bowl for both teen and beginner programs. It is a full-bleed document with printer’s marks meant for professional printing; Bible Bowl has a number of these already printed and available if you would prefer not to print them yourself. Please contact to request an amount to have sent to you.


Bible Bowl Blue Oval Logo

The Bible Bowl logo is owned by National Bible Bowl and is protected by federal copyright and other intellectual property laws. Reproduction or use of the logo to promote Bible Bowl is allowed, but any other use requires the express written permission of National Bible Bowl.