Bible Bowl is a quick recall program where students compete over their knowledge of scripture.  A selected book or books of the Bible is determined as the text that season.  A team competes against another team over a selected segment of the text in a 14-minute game; the team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

The quizmaster reads questions (referred to as “toss-ups”) to the players.  The first player buzz in and answer correctly gets a series of “bonus” questions for that player’s team to answer together.  This pattern of toss-up followed by bonus is repeated throughout the game.


A team is comprised of up to four players in either 3rd through 5th grade for Beginner Bible Bowl or 6th through 12th grade for Teen Bible Bowl.  A team sponsor (a parent or other adult) will have practices with his or her team weekly in order to guide the students in their weekly reading and studying habits.


Bible Bowl has local league play once a month, October through May.  Each team will play all the teams in their division for the most number of wins.

Practice times and duration are determined by the team sponsor.  While there is no requirement for practice times, a weekly practice is recommended.


Local league play is available in many states throughout the nation.  The national tournament location varies each year.

Want to see where you can plug in to an existing team in your area?  Join a team!  No team in your area?  Start a team!


  • Encourages students to read the Bible consistently
  • Offers scholarship money to Christian colleges at the summer tournaments
  • Teaches helpful study, memorization, and test-taking skills that can be applied to other areas of life
  • Builds teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Fosters a mentoring relationship between student and sponsor/coach
  • Connects students throughout the region and nation with other like-minded students
  • Gives students a competitive outlet in a Christian atmosphere

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