Who you need

Players: A team is composed of 3-5 players, but can have no more than 4 players in a game at a time. Students in 3rd through 5th grade participate in Beginner Bible Bowl and students in 6th through 12th grade participate in Teen Bible Bowl.

Sponsors: Every program needs sponsors! These are trusted adults who will guide and coach the players in their weekly reading and studying habits.

Time Commitment

Practice times and duration are determined by the team sponsor.  A weekly practice of 1 to 1.5 hours is recommended. 

There are 3 local meets per season (2 for Beginner), usually meeting on a Saturday. The length of these league meets varies by location, and could be from 3 to 5 hours. Check with your league coordinator for more details.

National level competition opportunities are available at the end of each season; dates and length vary by season and age group.

Next Steps

Step 1: Find Competion

Each block of material is competed over in monthly, in-person leagues across the country, or online in a virtual league run by National Bible Bowl.


In-person leagues compete monthly over each block of material from the text. Contact us to be connected to the in-person league closest to you.

Fees, dates, and times of local leagues vary, so your local league director will give you instructions about how to participate in the league, whether there are any league fees due, and when and where your league will meet each month.


Our virtual league is a great option for players who have no other teams in their area to compete against or who prefer to play online.

Virtual league dates are announced on online and via email prior to each season. You may contact us to sign up for virtual league or sign up by using the link found in the Dashboard of your account. Once you’ve joined the virtual league, you will receive instructions about how to use the system used for virtual quizzing.

Step 2: Order your materials

We suggest the following:

  • Leader Guide Value Pack (Beginner Bible Bowl only)
  • Study Guide for each student (each adult sponsor will also need one)
  • Question-Pro software to create practice questions and matches

Step 3: Register Your Group

In order to compete, you will need to create an account and register a team, and then have your players create their own accounts and register to join your team.

Create a Group

  1. Go here to create a registration login. Click on “register a new account,” and fill in your e-mail address in the prompt. An email confirmation will be sent to you with a link to click on. (Check your spam folder.)
  2. The link will send you back to the login page where you will sign in and start filling out the prompts as directed.
  3. Once you’ve finished, a window will pop up letting you know that you have successfully created a group, with some suggestions about what to do next.

Add Players

Once you have created an account for your team, you will want to add players!

  1. Go to your account dashboard.
  2. If you are a sponsor adding players who are part of your household, you will select “Add a Child” and follow the prompts.
  3. To invite players who are not part of your household, scroll down on your dashboard to the section called “Distribute the Below Registration Link.” Copy the link and share it with families who want their children to join your team!

Additional Questions

Where do I get a buzzer board?

Buzzer boards are available from a third party vendor found here. (Check vendor for current prices.)

Loaner boards may be available on a first come, first served basis; they are available for a limited amount of time, until your group can arrange to purchase a board. Contact office@biblebowl.org for more information. Although not ideal for in-person practices, due to the inconsistency of data speeds of devices and service providers, a free online buzzer is available at biblequizshop.net.

How do I run a practice and play the game?

We’ve created a printable guide, available here, that lists several group and individual study elements that you may wish to incorporate into your practices. The guide also details gameplay and scorekeeping.

Official Rules and Procedures, printable score sheets, and more may be found under Resources.

Additional resource for Beginner Bible Bowl: We have a Leader Guide Value Pack available with a practice format that is built into the guide, down to how long to spend on each segment of scripture, memory verse flashcard games, drills to run, etc. This is helpful for coaches who want a step-by-step guide for each practice to follow all season long. It’s available under Beginner resources, found here.