“I AM” Announcements

Updated 3/18/24


In addition to what is found in the Interchangeability section of the Rule Book, the following will be interchangeable for this season:

  • Peter/Simon Peter

Memory Verse Prompt Corrections:

  • (Teen only) J 3:36 should read: “about the one who believes and rejects the Son”
  • (Teen only) J 6:14 should read: “about what the people said after Jesus fed the five thousand”


  • As a reminder, players are only permitted to give the answer, insignificant words, modifiers, and words contained in the question. Quizmasters are reminded that players who give more when answering should be ruled incorrect if anything else is given prior to giving the correct answer.


  • Install Bible Quizzer app
  • Tap Purchase and find the free Score-Pro module to add it to your modules


  • We are still working on the arrangements for Spring Nationals to be held at Milligan University June 10-13. We are currently waiting for Milligan to determine the charges. Please expect a price increase. We will publish the details as soon as it is final.